UN Security Council to vote Monday on endorsing Iran deal

Updated: 2015-07-17 10:51


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It also calls on countries to monitor the Iran deal by inspecting all cargo to and from Iran if they suspect it contains items that violate the nuclear deal.

The draft resolution also enshrines a mechanism for all current UN sanctions to be automatically reimposed if Iran breaches the deal, referred to by some diplomats as snapback.

According to the Vienna deal, the six world powers, Iran and the European Union will form a joint commission to handle any complaints about breaches. If the complaining state is not satisfied with how the commission addresses its concerns, it could then take its grievance to the UN Security Council.

The Security Council would then need to vote on a resolution to extend the sanctions relief for Iran.

If such a resolution has not been adopted within 30 days of the council receiving the complaint of a breach, then the sanctions contained in all previous UN resolutions would be reimposed, unless the council decided otherwise.

According to the draft UN resolution, if the previous sanctions are reimposed they would not apply retroactively to contracts Iran signed.

If the nuclear deal is adhered to, all the provisions and measures of the UN resolution would terminate in a decade.

However, the six world powers and the EU wrote to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday to inform him that after 10 years they plan to seek a five-year extension of the mechanism allowing sanctions to be reimposed.

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