Rural areas to get boost in education

Updated: 2012-08-31 08:10

(China Daily)

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Rural areas to get boost in education

The State Council approved a string of new measures on Wednesday to narrow the gap in fundamental educational levels between the nation's urban and rural areas.

China provides children with universal access to nine years of compulsory education, but the quality of education differs among regions and schools, according to a statement released after an executive meeting of the State Council.

According to the new measures, the government will raise its investment in education in rural or poverty-stricken areas.

The statement also called for guaranteeing equal rights to education for orphans and children left behind by migrant workers.

Watchdog bites at Apple service policy

Apple's repair policy has come under fire in China after the technology giant left many of its clauses unchanged in the latest version of its after-sales service policy.

China Consumers' Association, the country's top consumer watchdog, issued a statement on Thursday saying it was glad to see that Apple changed and canceled two unfair clauses in its new repair policy released this month.

"However, most unfair clauses have still not been addressed or corrected. Some clauses in the new repair policy violate laws and regulations, and some clauses are not clear, which may infringe on consumers' rights and interests," said CCA, suggesting that recent policy changes were not enough.

Apple's repair policies have led to a number of complaints in recent months and caused some provincial consumer watchdogs to include the company on a "company integrity" blacklist.


Public appearance ends suicide rumor

Zhang Guangning, former Party chief of Guangzhou, crushed an Internet rumor that he had committed suicide by showing up at a judicial work conference in the capital of Guangdong province on Thursday.

The 59-year-old had been rumored to have jumped off a building at home.

Rumors claimed Zhang has been under investigation over economic problems in constructing venues for the 16th Asian Games held in Guangzhou in November 2010.

Zhang, a native of East China's Shandong province, left office after Wan Qingliang, former mayor of Guangzhou, succeeded him as Guangzhou Party chief in December 2011.


Names needed to buy cold medicine

The provincial government of Zhejiang has issued a regulation that requires customers buying cold medicine to register their identities.

The new rule is an attempt to crack down on the illegal production of drugs.

Under the regulation, from Sept 10 buyers will be required to give their real names and addresses to pharmacies while buying cold medicine containing ephedrine, said a statement by the provincial public security department on Wednesday.

Each buyer can purchase a maximum of five of the smallest units of ephedrine-containing cold medicine, according to the regulation.

Ephedrine is commonly used in cold medicines but it can be used to produce methamphetamine, also known as ice.

Opportunity calls at Ningbo job fair

More than 8,000 job opportunities will be on offer at a job fair in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, city authorities said on Thursday.

The job fair, 2012 Ningbo Talent and Technology Week, will be held from Sept 21 to 25 in the port city in East China. About 700 enterprises and institutions from Zhejiang and surrounding regions will take part in the fair.

Professionals in the maritime industry are the most needed in Ningbo, an official from the city's human resources and social security bureau said at a news conference in Beijing.

Some 300 Chinese returning from overseas will be invited to discuss the 250 high-tech projects they have come up with at a special fair. There will also be forums for academics and research institutions to announce their new projects and for venture capitals and financial institutions to find investment opportunities.


Trains restart after wind gusts subside

Train services were resumed following strong winds that hit a railway in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region on Thursday, railway authorities said.

Two trains resumed operation around 11 am after strong winds weakened on a section of railway between the Turpan and Yu'ergou train stations, said a spokesman for the Urumqi railway bureau.

Wind speeds reached more than 160 km/h around 7:40 am on the railway, forcing the trains to come to a halt, the spokesman said.

Train K169 bound for the city of Kuerle from the city of Xi'an and train K9768 bound for Urumqi from the city of Aksu were stopped, stranding passengers on the trains and at nearby stations.


Collapse of dike disrupts tap water

A 100-meter section of a dike on the Yellow River collapsed on Wednesday night in Lanzhou, capital of Gansu province, local authorities said on Thursday.

The collapse severed water pipes, affecting the availability of tap water, the city's flood control headquarters said.

No casualties have been reported.

Repair work on the pipes is under way, with tap water expected to return on Friday.

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