Daughters more filial than sons

Updated: 2012-10-24 08:14

(China Daily)

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Daughters more filial than sons

Chinese daughters tend to show more filial piety to their parents than sons, according to the results of a survey revealed by the Beijing News on Tuesday.

The survey, which was conducted by the Center for Healthy Aging and Development Studies of Peking University, said that 45 percent of the very elderly attended to by their daughters and sons-in-law are more content than those taken care of by their sons and daughters-in-law.

Also, the death rate of elderly citizens who only raised daughters is 10 percent less than the death rate of those who only have sons.


Father in jail for selling baby

A man convicted of selling his 27-day-old baby boy to pay off his debts has been sentenced to five years in jail, a court in Zhejiang province ruled on Tuesday.

The 36-year-old man, surnamed Zhuo, sold his son for 65,000 yuan ($10,300) through a broker in his village in Suining county, Jiangsu province, on Oct 3, 2011. Zhuo had accumulated debts from his gold-related business.

Notary official suspended

The director of a notary office in Zhejiang province was suspended from work for further investigation on Monday after he was found to have had excessive salary and other disciplinary problems, China News Service reported.

Shen Jilong, director of the notary office in Tongxiang city, was found having an illegally excessive annual salary of more than 800,000 yuan ($128,000). The notary office was also found tampering with accounting records.


Viaduct shooting suspects arrested

Police of Nanjing, Jiangsu province, have arrested four suspects involved in a shooting incident on a viaduct that was due to a gambling dispute.

On Oct 17, three of the suspects driving a black car intercepted two people in an Audi before shooting three times at one of the car's rear windows, police said.

Police later found that the shooting was related to a gambling dispute between a person surnamed Zhang and one of the two people in the Audi.

Hong Kong

World War II martyrs honored

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government held an annual official ceremony on Tuesday in commemoration of those who died in the defense of Hong Kong in World War II between 1941 and 1945.

Hong Kong's Chief Executive C.Y. Leung attended the ceremony and laid a wreath at the City Hall Memorial Garden.

Exhibition gets 300,000 visitors

The popular exhibition "The Majesty of All Under Heaven: The Eternal Realm of China's First Emperor", being held at the Hong Kong Museum of History, received its 300,000th visitor on Tuesday, breaking attendance records at the museum.

Since its opening on July 25, the exhibition has attracted 3,750 daily visitors on average, breaking the attendance records for previous thematic exhibitions organized by the museum.


Wuhan to get Ferris wheel

A 200-meter Ferris wheel will straddle a river in Wuhan city, Hubei province, in five years.

The "Hanjiang Eye", which will be 65 meters taller than the "London Eye", will rise over the Hanjiang River, according to an announcement by Hu Lishan, deputy mayor of the city.

The Ferris wheel is part of a Wuhan face-lift aiming to turn an old downtown street into a modern business district.

30 in hospital after gas leak

Thirty people remained hospitalized in Hubei province on Tuesday after an ammonia gas leak in an aquaculture company poisoned over 300 people on Monday night, rescuers said.

Over 300 people were rushed to hospitals and 1,000 others were evacuated after the leak at the Deyan Aquaculture Co in Honghu city at 11:30 pm.

Three of the injured were severely poisoned, doctors said.

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