Chinese vendor makes no easy money in NYC

Updated: 2013-06-20 12:08


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Chinese vendor makes no easy money in NYC

Xie Yunfeng's vendor stand in New York City. [Photo by Paichangweihua from Sina Weibo]

A woman has denied that her husband Xie Yunfeng earns hundreds of dollars a day by selling snacks in front of Columbia University in New York City.

Xie’s story became popular after his story was posted to Sina Weibo, a Twitter-like micro-blog, by local Chinese blogger Paichangweihua.

The Chinese vendor traveled to New York City from Luo Yuang city, Henan province, and speaks very little English. But his lack of English language skills does not stand in the way of selling his Chinese hamburgers and cold noodles. The blogger said Xie can earn $700 to $800 a day when lucky enough.

But Xie denied those estimates and when interviewed said, "It's too exaggerated. The money isn't that easy to be earned." Xie said he can sell more than 100 Chinese hamburgers a day at best.

His wife Xie Huijuan, 47, who is a sanitation worker at a high school in Luo Yang also said on June 20 they still owe 30,000 yuan ($4,893) for buying a home.


Chinese vendor makes no easy money in NYC

Xie Huijuan, Xie Yunfeng's wife,talks about her husband's business in the United States in Luoyang, Henan province,June 20, 2013.