Kobe Bryant causes a stir on Weibo

Updated: 2015-06-03 13:18


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Kobe Bryant causes a stir on Weibo
The ten-year-old girl's diary complaining about her mom's hobby. [Photo from Weibo]

Little girl complains about mother's photo-sharing obsession

A ten-year-old girl in Leshan city, Sichuan province complains in her diary that her mother keeps taking photos of her and posting them as "Moments" on the popular instant messaging app WeChat, reported Chengdu Business Daily on Tuesday.

She said she doesn't like taking pictures because her mother keeps taking multiple shots which she has to pose for in order to take the perfect one, which she finds tiresome.

Her mother said she wanted to create more memories for her daughter since she had few photos of her own childhood.

When the girl's mother read her daughter's complaints in her diary, she thought it was funny and took a picture of it right away, sharing it, of course, on WeChat.

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