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Heartwarming eats

2013-01-14 15:35:52
The colder the weather the better the business at Big Bear Grilled Lamb Leg Restaurant.As soon as wait staff light the charcoal on your grilling table, you'll warm up.

Say baa to the cold

2013-01-14 15:35:32
The owners of Ninety-Nine Yurts work hard to provide a genuine Inner Mongolian life style to Beijing and their lamb from Inner Mongolia is among the best in the city.

Flavor to savor

2013-01-14 15:18:00
Traditional Beijing lamb hotpots and grilled meats are great dishes, especially during the winter months.

Mistress of flavor

2013-01-14 13:20:37
Rose Lin Zamoa offers tasty treats at her restaurant in Beijing, reports Tym Glaser, who delves deeper into the secrets of Afro-Caribbean fusion food.

A brilliant catch at a sky-high destination

2013-01-06 15:04:13
The climb to Catch is all the more dramatic due to myriad crisscrossing glass balustrades surrounding the atrium, with a glimpse of the sky above.

A well traveled Italian in Beijing

2013-01-19 08:13:34
At 38, Giovanni Ricci has already chalked up 23 years in some of the world's best kitchens - including the Sheraton Bologna in Italy and the Hilton Prague in the Czech Republic.

Culinary cause for celebration

2013-01-05 11:19:07
Cafes like L'Atelier only rarely appear in Beijing and when they do, it's a cause for celebration.

Brixton's Beijing jiaozi

2013-01-05 11:11:26
It is cold and bone-chilling weather, and the rising steam from cooking dumplings mist up the little shop.

Lure of luxurious hotpots draws Shanghai diners

2012-12-30 15:53:50
Winter offers chilly prospects for most restaurants, as the inclement weather often keeps their regular patrons at home.Calm the soul, clear the broth

High steaks

2012-12-16 11:03:47
Happy cows give the best meat, and in Australia's arid Channel Country, the free-roaming animals choose their own diet.

Warm hearth, global appeal

2012-12-16 11:31:54
There is the Tokyo school, and there is the Osaka school in Japanese cuisine, but what is served at Roka is more like cosmopolitan contemporary.Festive discovery

Truffles in braised pork

2012-12-09 09:42:44
Innovation is the chef's prerogative, and when a dish is tried and tested, it goes on to become culinary legend. Calm the soul, clear the broth Nabe at nobu

Out of the cold

2012-12-02 09:59:59
As the temperature drops below zero, it gets harder for Beijing restaurants to attract diners out into the cold and wind. Special: Feasts and dreams

Best tasting charcoal in Beijing

2012-11-25 17:18:23
It is simply called the Nobu Flower Pot, and it's made from charcoal. Bamboo charcoal.

Nabe at nobu

2012-11-25 17:18:23
The Beijing winter gets misty with the steam of hotpots cooking all over the city, but there is one style that is very different from the others.

Comparison is cruel

2012-11-25 11:27:05
Judgments about the best food you've eaten are bound to come back and haunt you, Ye Jun reports, after an impressive tasting at Le Quai in Beijing.

Comparison is cruel

2012-11-25 09:02:29
Some meals you eat and forget, others are memorable. In the latter category was a lamb chop from chef Kenny Fu at Le Quai some time ago.

Chic sushi

2012-11-16 17:23:39
Pauline D. Loh joins Hong Kong's foodie crowd and explores a cuisine in which its most representative dishes have taken on a style best described as cosmopolitan.

Chocolate charms

2012-11-11 09:17:42
The winds are icy and winter has arrived with an early coat of snow, but there is a warm spot in the heart of Beijing fueled by a decadent temptation.

A winter feast at Madame Zhu's

2012-11-09 16:15:17
While it is always nice to dine at a restaurant that is beautifully decorated and comfortable, it is when the chefs put their hearts into the food that the dining experience stands out.