Comical crooner

Updated: 2013-09-03 11:03

By Xu Jingxi in Guangzhou (China Daily)

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Raising his voice

He performs on Shenzhen's streets and in bars, and doesn't plan to enter talent shows.

"I don't intend to take part in a TV talent competition because it is just a hobby to write and sing songs," he says.

"Hobbies are supposed to be fun. I don't expect to make money from it. My Chinese dream is boring: I want to buy a house and start a family, like any other ordinary man dreams of. I can definitely relate to the pressure of being a slave of houses and cars on Chinese people's shoulders."

McGeary's friends and reporting job provide his inspiration.

"I've seen a lot of potential for writing silly funny songs from the quirky news stories in the media's spotlight," he says.

"Take the kid who poops on the subway as an example. It's one of the world's most advanced transport technologies coupled with the most base behavior."

Although his fans describe his songs as thought-provoking social commentary, McGeary says he doesn't have any romantic notions his songs will make the world better.

"I do comical music just to make people laugh," he says.

"I didn't expect people to regard my songs as social commentary works. Whether laughter or thoughts, I'm happy that my songs can arouse listeners without being as dull as the background music in shopping malls.

"I suppose the fact that people like me, who are foreigners who speak Chinese and can express an opinion about China, can exist shows that freedom and prosperity are increasing in China and the same cannot be said of a lot of Western countries."

Comical crooner

Comical crooner

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