Fashion reaction to iWatch slow, irrelevant

Updated: 2014-09-11 15:10

By Cindy Gu(

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Fashion reaction to iWatch slow, irrelevant

Elle magazine posted fashion snap shots of those attending the Apple press release. [Photo/WeChat]

Fashion reaction to iWatch slow, irrelevant
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The Internet has completely changed the way we read news. With cyber connections, news is spread at first instance via social media such as Twitter or Facebook, or in China's case, Weibo and WeChat.

However, as of today, almost half a day past the release of iWatch, most of the editors invited by Apple have yet to release a targeted "review" of Apple's attempt at tapping into fashion.

GQ and Esquire have not posted any comments on iWatch on their official social media accounts. In a world of new media that demands speed over anything, this is almost equivalent to committing a "crime." For others who have commented on the press release, the results are not so optimal.