Updated: 2011-09-30 08:17

(China Daily)

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We have to share planet fairly

Comment on "Launch to pave way for space station" (China Daily, Sept 21)

Photographs from space have confirmed the moon-landing site. There is nothing in physics that prevents mankind from landing on the moon or coming back from it. It is just a matter of cost.

China's space program will continue to attract the best scientists to work in China. In the longer term, the planet will have to be shared fairly between its many varied inhabitants. That is mankind's destiny.

Edwina Lee, on China Daily website

Smoking is bad culture

Comment on "22% of middle school students try smoking" (China Daily website, Sept 23)

The smoking culture has hit the Chinese young generation hard. In China, instead of saying hello, the first thing many people do when they meet a friend is to offer a cigarette. What can we do with an unhealthy culture that is so deep rooted?

To change the situation, Chinese people should realize that smoking could even cause damage to their offspring. And they should have the determination to cut down smoking resolutely and be willing to bid adieu to their long practiced culture.

Manman, on China Daily website

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