The way to foil Japan's plans

Updated: 2012-08-11 12:16

(China Daily)

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For China and the rest of Asia, unfortunately there are an increasing number of Japanese elites that seem to be attempting to resurrect Japan's past by making their country a belligerent military power.

Japan is not only using China as an excuse to increase its military spending and claim sovereignty over islands that have always been Chinese territory, it is also claiming territory that is currently part of Russia and the Republic of Korea.

Under the guise of being an ally of the United States, Japan is obviously finding ways to rebuild its military strength and threaten the peace and prosperity of East Asia.

The best way to subdue the ambitions of Japan's warlike military class and support the Japanese who realize the futility of their country's pursuit of a military path is for China to seek common ground on this issue with the ROK and Russia.

With the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands under threat from Japan, it is certain that many Taiwan residents will find common ground with their mainland brethren on this issue.

Ross Grainger, via e-mail