Updated: 2012-09-17 07:53

(China Daily)

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US has more to lose

Comment on "Imposing West's will on China goes against global norms" (China Daily, Sept 1)

The "back-to-Asia" policy of the United States could lead to an arms race in Asia, which Washington hopes to benefit from by selling weapons to conflicting parties. I think the US is making a big mistake by assuming that it can do to China what it did to the erstwhile Soviet Union.

The chances of the US, rather than China, becoming bankrupt because of an arms race are higher. China can double or triple its military spending and still it will be only 9 to 13 percent of the country's savings. But any increase in the US' military budget will add to the country's already huge deficit.

Ben Gee, on China Daily website

Protect success

When I look at China's history of the past century, I am totally dumbfounded by the series of unfortunate events that has befallen the country. The Chinese have suffered a lot in the past 100 years, and that is why they are doing all they can to protect the success they are enjoying at the moment.

China has also learned from the past that the best way to safeguard its success is through cooperation and peaceful coexistence with other countries.

Stanley, on China Daily website

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