China is my second home

Updated: 2013-05-09 08:07

(China Daily)

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Why should a foreigner want to live in China? That's an interesting question. As for me, although I'm not interested in making big money, business is what brought me to China.

I am fascinated by Chinese culture, too. In fact, Chinese culture has fascinated me since my childhood. So when I got an opportunity to come to China for business a few years ago, I jumped at it because I was sure I would love living in the country. I think that without accepting or at least understanding local culture, it is almost impossible for foreigners to live in China.

But I prefer China's smaller cities and towns to the metropolises. I don't need to seek UNESCO World Heritage-rating sites or special tourist areas to enjoy the beauty of China. I find beauty in small streets, old buildings in small villages. The beauty I like is the beauty of everyday life.

Besides, Chinese food is so delicious. In short, I'm here because I wanted to be here. And China is my second home now.

WhiteBear, on China Daily forum

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