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Updated: 2013-06-03 08:23

(China Daily)

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China will see a record 6.99 million people graduate from college this year, according to official figures. As a result, college graduates are facing a tough time when they hit the job market. Have you landed a job? If so, how did you manage it? China Daily's mobile phone news readers share their views:

In my opinion, what society needs is not what you have studied but what you can do, because what you have learned at university may not guarantee you a job. Although I majored in engineering, I have a keen interest in English and made great efforts with my oral English. As a result, when I did not find an ideal job related to my major, I eventually took a job with an English-training institute and became a teacher. So my suggestion is that do not focus solely on your major, but also work hard at your interests and you will always get a job.

A READER, Chengdu, Sichuan province

I was a college graduate six years ago and now work in HR. I think the so-called employment difficulty is caused by a number of factors, such as graduates' lack of competence and the economy's structural imbalance. Graduates of genuine capability are actually very popular among employers. In addition, many students have unduly high expectations. They all yearn for jobs with State-owned enterprises and well-known companies, even though many small and medium-sized private companies cannot find qualified candidates. Therefore, for college students, the key to job hunting is to improve themselves and find a correct orientation.

A READER, Shanghai

I am an English major who is about to graduate this summer and my ideal job would be an English translator. However, given the severe conditions in job market, I am considering first finding a job related to English, for example, teaching, rather than insisting on getting my dream job. I also realize that what I want is a simple life, so I have decided to work in Taiyuan rather than in Beijing and Shanghai, not only because it is less stressful, but also because my education background is not very competitive in big cities.

VITA, Changzhi, Shanxi province

I have worked for a year but have many complicated feelings about work. Choosing a job is choosing one's direction in life, and you pay dearly if you make a mistake. Therefore, one needs to be very careful in job hunting and figure out one's practical situation to avoid regretting it for the rest of your life.

A READER, Hebi, Henan province

As far as I am concerned, it is essential for fresh college graduates to map out a clear career plan before job hunting and set specific objectives, otherwise they may easily get lost in society. Besides, since they lack any working experience, college graduates need to demonstrate their attitude to work and ability to learn in front of employers. Then every job seeker should firmly stick to their dream

A READER, Fuzhou, Fujian province

I have worked for more than a decade and have lots of job-hunting experiences. Although every time I go job hunting there may be many difficulties to conquer, as long as one is clear about one's abilities and objectives and finds his own position, one can always find a decent work.

I think the current employment difficulty is more or less related to the fact that today's youths fail to adapt to the real market. Young people need to broaden their vision because what matters most is their working experiences. When you spend a couple of years doing down-to-earth work and combine theory with practice, you will find more job opportunities.

A READER, Shanghai