Updated: 2013-09-17 08:19

(China Daily)

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A chance for Japan to prove a point

Comment on "Tokyo wins" (China Daily, Sept 10)

The Olympic Games is about sports, peace, goodwill and harmony among countries. The 2020 Olympics gives Japan an opportunity to show the rest of the world that it loves peace and harmony, instead of triggering disputes with its neighbors.

A sincere change of heart by Japan and the Japanese people is needed to make the country a worthy host of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Thai, on China Daily website

It's time parents realized bitter truth

Comment on "Parents can now play a healthier role" (China Daily, Aug 27)

As an education advisor, I have contributed several times to China Daily on this and related issues. I agree with and support the report entitled "Parents can now play a healthier role".

Chinese parents' views on children are not only outdated, but also damaging to children's long-term education. Education experts I have spoken with agree that children are not empty bottles to be filled with knowledge 14 hours a day. Chinese parents need to realize this.

TedM, on China Daily website

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