No denying history

Updated: 2014-01-13 07:50

(China Daily)

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Comment on "China condemns Japanese officials' visit to Yasukuni", (China Daily website, Oct 19)

I'm a senior middle school student in Hebei. I think the writer wrote this article to remind us that we should not forget history. History helps to shape a country's identity. Japan's government should admit their wrongdoings and educate the children at school about their true history, so that these mistakes will not be repeated and the people of that country can learn the value of peace.

Japan fails to admit its history. According to the article, the Yasukuni Shrine honors Japanese war veterans, including 14 Class A war criminals. Even Japan's Prime Minister has visited the Yasukuni Shrine. Chinese people are so angry about this. Although Japan's government lacks any respect for history, history cannot be changed and I believe it will not be forgotten.

Fan, via e-mail

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