A role model for the rich

Updated: 2014-01-15 07:51

(China Daily)

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Comment on "Yifu Buildings across China" (China Daily website, Jan 7)

Many young people of the post-1980 generation, such as myself, are quite familiar with Sir Run Run Shaw, and it can be said that our youth had great relations with this media mogul and philanthropist. Since our childhood we have seen countless TV dramas, especially those famous swordsmen TV series, produced by Television Broadcasts Limited, which Sir Run Run Shaw founded. More importantly, for decades Mr Shaw donated large sums of money to help construct buildings in primary schools, middle schools and colleges all over China. Many young people like me have studied in Yifu buildings at school. It's said he helped construct 6,013 Yifu buildings in China.

Sir Run Run Shaw is a good example for rich people in China on how to use their money. As a successful businessman he has shouldered significant social responsibility and has made great contributions to society. His donations to education helped a huge number of young students to study and pursue their dreams. Students around China are very grateful for his benevolence, and he will be remembered by countless people for his charity. May he rest in peace.

Ma, via e-mail

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