Seeing is believing

Updated: 2014-03-25 07:46

By Objchina(China Daily)

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I am proud to be a witness to China's fascinating culture and economic development. They have taught me how China has risen from almost nothing to something, from "grass to grace", and from poverty to wealth. I am African, and I hope to become a decision-maker someday and apply some of China's developmental ideas in my country.

I used to have the wrong idea about China, such as China is a poor country where people wear no shoes (from numerous documentaries and movies), China is a land of kungfu where everybody can do somersaults and perform stunts like in the movies (thanks to Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Chow Yen-Fat and Jackie Chan), all Chinese people ride bicycles and there are very few cars in China, and Chinese people lead an archaic lifestyle.

I decided to visit China to see for myself the real country and the real people. Later I applied for admission and got enrolled in a Chinese university. When I first landed at Beijing International Airport after a long trip from home, I saw a China that was the opposite of what I had heard or thought. I see a busy China with lots of ongoing infrastructure projects such as road and railway building. I see high-rise buildings and luxurious cars and savor delicious Chinese food.

I am living a new life in China and it is creating opportunities for me to learn from a diverse and dynamic culture. It also is preparing me for the future. I have this to say to doubters and skeptics: Please don't jump to conclusions on hearsay, instead wait until you see for yourself and realize the truth.

Objchina, from China Daily blog

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