Hard to meet employers' wants

Updated: 2014-03-31 09:40

(China Daily)

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I have seen several recruitment campaigns on my campus these days, which really intrigue me. I made up my mind to have a close look at the requirements to find out what on earth attracts employers the most. It is obvious that they all long for the elite, but the requirements are different for foreign employers and domestic employers.

For foreigners, they appreciate it if a student has a passion for learning new things. One is supposed to be innovative and skilled in communicating with others. It is even better if one is filled with amazing ideas and can put them into practice.

Chinese employers care more about experience. A student will be eliminated easily if he or she lacks practical experience. Even if you match each standard from the required list, you have almost no chance of being hired.

These are part of my observations. I will keep on looking, the most important thing is to use what I discover to enhance my opportunities when hunting for a job in the future.

A reader, from China Daily blog.

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