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Updated: 2014-03-31 09:40

(China Daily)

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Even after she discovered she'd won a $3m lottery prize, a woman in the United States kept working her 8-hour shift. She said her family are going to pay off the mortgage, their school loans and some debt. What would you do if you won $3m? China Daily's mobile phone news readers share their views:

If I won that big a lottery prize, I would tell the news to my family first and then split the prize for several uses. The money would first be used to improve the living conditions of my family and then for the healthcare of the senior family members and education expenses of the children. Apart from saving a proportion and investing some, I would offer the money left to those in need. It is always a pleasure to share what we have with others.

Xiaoxiami, Fuzhou, Fujian province

If I won $3 million, I would use two-fifths of the prize to first buy a big apartment for my parents who have worked hard their entire lives and been unable to enjoy life and I would take them on a nice trip. I would use 30 percent of the lottery money to purchase insurance and some investments. One-fifth I would donate to charity to help more people. The last 10 percent would be my education fund to further my study and broaden my vision and enrich myself.

Jinseyangguang, Beijing

I would first repair my parents' house in my hometown if I won a lottery prize of $3 million and then buy myself an apartment near where I work and a car in preparation for getting married. The rest of the money would be saved in my bank account or used for investment purposes. Like the woman in the US, I would like to keep on working because even though money can help solve some problem, what brings me a sense of stability is inner peace and stable work.

A reader, Changsha, Hunan province

Many times I've dreamed that I won first prize in a lottery. If I could, I would quit my current boring and unfairly paid job and go for a trip whenever I want, I would be free of begrudging myself some fruit because I have to pay for my little brother's living expenses. However, the reality is that I neither win the lottery nor have $3 mil-lion to fulfill my fantasies. Life goes on no matter whether you have won the prize or not. It is wiser to make full use of the 3,000-yuan salary already in my hands than imaging winning a nonexistent $3 million prize.

Xiaolingzi, Guangzhou, Guangdong province

First of all, I would pay off the money I owe my friend and buy a 7-seater car to take my daughter, wife, parents and parents-in-law traveling. I would also purchase some decent gifts for my teachers, elders and friends who have offered me selfless help. Apart from donating some of the prize money to charity, I would save some of the money to raise my child, help family members and friends to start small businesses and support the elderly generation. More importantly, my wife and I would keep working, because with inflation the prize is not really big money. And a job can help you live the life to the fullest.

A reader, Nanping, Fujian province

If I had $3million, I would definitely use more than half of the money to plant trees in cities. What awaits today's city dwellers almost every morning is smog, which is very harmful to people's health. I would purchase a cozy house for my parents in a beautiful and clean environment to provide them a healthy living environment during their late years. I would realize some of my dreams with the money left, for example, taking a trip to Northern Europe.

A reader, Luzhou, Sichuan province