Co-op urged to address trade imbalance

Updated: 2012-03-14 11:30


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7.5 pct GDP growth target not low

Wen said the 7.5 percent GDP growth target for 2012 is a result of the government's proactive macro-control and can not be viewed as low.

China's GDP has reached 47 trillion yuan (US$7.46 trillion). On this basis, the growth rate of 7.5 percent can not be counted as low, not to mention the economy would keep expanding at this pace, Wen said.

Indeed, the Chinese economy faces slowing trend due to impact from the European debt crisis and contracting overseas demands, Wen noted.

Under such circumstances, to lower the growth mainly aims to facilitate economic restructuring, the premier said.

China has no self-interests in Syrian issue

China has no self-interests in the Syrian issue and respects the demand for democracy by the Arab people, said Wen.

"China does not take sides with any party, including the government of Syria. We make our own right judgement and determine our own position on this issue on the basis of actual facts," Wen said.

China believes that the demand for democracy by the Arab people must be respected and truly responded to, Wen said.