Contemporary Chinese art gets NY showing

Updated: 2012-05-16 04:14

By Wang Jingshu (

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Chinese Style brings together noted artists from China's National Academy of Painting to exhibit more than 50 contemporary works at the Asian Cultural Gallery in New York City through May 16.

The works on display offer insight into the real lives of modern Chinese, said Yang Xiaoyang, president of the China National Academy of Painting.

"The ink paintings of people, mountains, rivers, flowers and birds are an embodiment of the mind, an inspiration from life and an immersion in nature," Yang said in an interview. "They reflect real contemporary Chinese lives and present the complex transformation Chinese society has been going through for over three decades."

Cong Zhiyuan, an art professor at William Paterson University in New Jersey, said in a panel discussion that the exhibit begins to unfurl the broad banner of contemporary Chinese art for an American audience.

"The significance of this exhibit is that it marks the start of contemporary art going out of China, and being known by the Western world," Cong said. "It's a good platform for the American public to learn about the spirit and ideals of contemporary Chinese art, and of contemporary Chinese society as a whole."

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