Chinese official calls for smooth transition of ties after US election

2012-11-02 16:21:49

China and the United States should make joint efforts to ensure bilateral ties remain sound after a new US administration takes office next January

Americans in China expect better Sino-America ties

2012-11-04 19:36:48

Many Americans express hope for bilateral relations between China and the United States.

Chinese-Americans urged to cast ballot

2012-11-02 07:25:44

With less than one week until Election Day, Chinese-Americans have been urged to cast ballots in the neck-and-neck presidential race.

China slams US accusation of hacking

2012-10-31 21:44:19

A spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry on Wednesday slammed US intelligence agency accusations of hacking by Chinese firms, saying China also falls victim to cyber crime.

China, US have unique role to play for world peace: Locke

2012-10-30 11:34:12

China and the United States have a "unique role to play" in ensuring peace and prosperity in the world, said Gary Locke, US ambassador to China.

Understanding key to Sino-US relations

2012-10-29 01:50:34

Understanding the Sino-US relationship is essential to Washington's interests, said Stephen Orlins, president of the National Committee on United States-China Relations.

Encouraging engagement

2012-10-26 12:34:28

Into the vortex of opinion from Western policymakers, businesspeople and scholars that the United States is losing its competitive edge to China.

Naming China currency manipulator 'disruptive'

2012-10-25 14:17:42

Declaring China a currency manipulator would be highly disruptive, a senior advisor to US President Barack Obama's re-election campaign said.

China, US to hold joint humanitarian rescue drill

2012-10-25 17:15:28

The armed forces of China and the US will hold a joint drill on humanitarian rescue and disaster relief in late November in China's Sichuan province.

US, China hold 4th Asia-Pacific consultation

2012-10-24 16:21:37

The United States and China held the fourth Asia-Pacific consultation on Tuesday, with both sides agreed to continue using the platform to keep close contacts in the region.

US presidential debates click with Chinese viewers

2012-10-24 07:38:53

Major Chinese news and video websites, including ifeng and Youku, have carried live webcasts of the US presidential candidates debates.

Ties with China key to US

2012-10-24 01:04:50

The next US president will continue to seek China's help, despite any harsh campaign rhetoric, as long as the economy remains in the doldrums, analysts said.