China requires WTO panel on China-US duty dispute

2012-09-01 10:10:45

China required WTO to establish a panel to hear and rule on the dispute surrounding the US countervailing measures against Chinese exports

World-class event gives media a glimpse of America

2012-09-01 08:00:43

As a first-timer at a US political party convention, I found myself underdressed and inadequately prepared for this week's gathering of Republicans.

Ping-pong's power saluted 40 years on

2012-08-31 11:31:12

A game of table tennis in New York between a senior Chinese diplomat and a famed American player was about more than quick reflexes and spin strategies.

McCain, Rice urge US global leadership

2012-08-31 10:50:58

Two Republicans said it is crucial that the US regain its leadership in international affairs as they stressed the perceived rise of China as a world power.Republicans take Obama to taskAn end to the revival of hostilities

US defense secretary to visit China

2012-08-30 23:48:02

United States Defense Secretary Leon Panetta will visit China in mid-September, the spokesman for China's Ministry of National Defense said Thursday.

Top city official fled overseas in April

2012-08-29 04:56:34

A senior official of Fengcheng, Liaoning province, has fled China amid the nation's testing of measures that prevents corrupt officials from running away.

Improved Taiwan arms deal mooted

2012-08-29 10:53:04

A Romney administration may consider providing more advanced weapons to Taiwan to maintain strong US military capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Romney's stance on China debated

2012-08-29 10:53:04

It is common knowledge that the economy is foremost in US voters' minds as the 2012 presidential and congressional elections approach.Romney secures nomination Improved Taiwan arms deal mooted Convention gives contrasting views

Romney sticks to Obama songbook on China

2012-08-29 08:21:03

Despite some hostile rhetoric during his campaign, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's views on China are largely in line with President Barack Obama.

Clinton visit raises concerns

2012-08-29 01:32:51

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's expected visit this week to the Cook Islands in the South Pacific has raised geo-political concerns over competition among major powers in the region.

Clinton to attend PIF Post-Forum Dialogue in Cook Islands

2012-08-29 08:17:59

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will depart for the Cook Islands, Indonesia, China, Timor-Leste, Brunei, and Russia on Aug 30.

Stronger trade links vital

2012-08-29 01:47:54

China and the US should be more "open and tolerant" to each other and work harder to improve and promote bilateral trade and investment.