Time to 'humanize' US-China ties: Huntsman

2012-05-24 11:20:06

The US-China relationship has evolved from being strictly bilateral to one that now affects the world, and steps must be taken to humanize it, former US ambassador and presidential candidate Jon Huntsman said Wednesday.

Step up Sino-US ties: Huntsman

2012-05-24 10:40:47

The US-China relationship has evolved from being strictly bilateral to one that now affects the world.

US has 'good' talks with China about DPRK

2012-05-23 20:16:13

Glyn Davies told reporters at the airport that he held good talks with key Chinese officials.

US seeks China's nod for sanctions against DPRK

2012-05-23 07:29:26

Glyn Davies, US special envoy for DPRK policy, emphasized a need for sanctions against the DPRK during meetings with Chinese officials on Tuesday.

US 'trying to damage' cross-Straits ties

2012-05-22 07:26:14

The US has been playing up the imbalance in military power between the mainland and Taiwan.

Pentagon's tone softens on Chinese military growth

2012-05-21 08:04:44

Although US has toned down accusations about China's military expansion.

China slams US military report

2012-05-19 20:21:56

US urged to respect facts, change its mind-set and stop its wrongdoing in keeping issuing similar reports.

US falsely accuses China's military non-transparency

2012-05-19 12:57:52

The Pentagon falsely accused China's military expenditure of being non-transparent.

G8 leaders stress boosting growth, job creation

2012-05-20 04:28:08

G8 leaders said that bolstering economic growth and job creation was critical to the economic recovery.

US report on China shows Cold War mentality

2012-05-19 15:38:40

The US Defense Department on Friday published its annual report on China's military developments.

China reacts to US nuclear amendment

2012-05-15 15:12:12

Beijing urged more effort from parties concerned with contributing to the peace of the Korean Peninsula.

West Point cadets greet Liang in Mandarin

2012-05-12 08:02:39

Connie Chen had been expecting a meeting with Defense Minister Liang Guanglie for two weeks.