China envoy opens embassy doors in US

2012-07-08 07:28:16

China's Ambassador to the US recently hosted an open house at the Chinese embassy in Washington with the theme "Experiencing Chinese Culture".

Building program hits the right note

2012-07-06 08:03:26

The rise of China's soft power, especially in culture, is attracting attention in the US.

China, US public hold favorable opinion

2012-07-04 18:59:18

Over half of the people in China and the United States have a favorable opinion of each other.

US 'wants to work with China'

2012-06-29 03:41:29

It is important for the United States to maintain a sound relationship with China for the prosperity and peace of the Asia-Pacific region.

US exempts China from Iran sanctions

2012-06-29 05:10:30

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced Washington's decision to exempt China and Singapore from sanctions over imports of Iranian oil.

US calls for 'sound' China relations

2012-06-28 13:26:31

As Washington is gearing up its diplomatic efforts in Southeast Asia, it is equally important to maintain a sound relationship with China.

Military to strengthen ties with US

2012-06-27 01:52:24

Chinese military officials called for proper resolution of the issue of US surveillance flights near China.

US apologizes for anti-Chinese laws

2012-06-26 02:40:45

Judy Chu, the first Chinese-American woman to serve in Congress, speaks to China Daily on June 18 after the US House of Representatives formally expressed regret for laws enacted in the late 19th century discriminating against Chinese immigrants.

China applauds US apology for discriminating laws

2012-06-19 17:30:48

China praises the US House of Representatives for apologizing about discriminating laws targeting Chinese immigrants, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said.

US apologizes for 130-year-old law

2012-06-19 12:09:51

The US House of Representatives unanimously expressed regret for the passage of discriminatory laws against Chinese immigrants to the United States.

China to keep an open mind about cooperation with US in Africa

2012-06-16 08:05:24

China said on Friday that it will keep an open mind about discussions with the United States on cooperation in Africa.

Study shows Americans view Chinese brands positively

2012-06-15 10:49:15

"Made in China" is increasingly being attached to products originating in China from domestic companies - and gaining acceptance in the West.