Across America: Liaison official visits Chinese expats in California

2012-07-21 05:31:13

Across America: Liaison official visits Chinese expats in California

Across America: Paulson talks about China-US relations

2012-07-21 05:14:36

Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson discusses his recommendations for enhancing the economic US-China economic ties during a speech at the Atlantic Council in Washington on July 17. Paulson, who recently visited China, predicts the country's economy will avoid a "hard landing". SUN CHENBEI/CHINA DAILY

China, US to hold human rights dialogue

2012-07-20 13:42:46

China and the United states will hold a new round of human rights talks in Washington on July 23 and 24.

Chinese judges get close-up view of US courts

2012-07-20 11:33:21

For Qian Jiang, Hollywood myth tumbled headlong into the reality of a New York City courtroom.

Working together is the best way, Wen says

2012-07-18 02:07:49

Premier Wen Jiabao called for Chinese and US businessmen to have confidence in China's economy, and pledged to further the opening-up strategy.

Growing need for stronger China-US ties

2012-07-17 02:35:11

A former vice-minister of commerce says there is a growing need for China and the US to help more Chinese companies invest in the US.

After China trip, mayors meet LA consul general

2012-07-14 03:16:41

China's consul general in Los Angeles, Qiu Shaofang, is joined by mayors of Southern California cities and other official delegates from a recent trip to China at a reception July 11 at Qui's residence.

China's strategies toward DPRK discussed

2012-07-14 02:46:01

Gregg Brazinsky, an expert in US-East Asian relations from George Washington University, speaks at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington on July 10 about strategic policies toward the Democratic People's Republic of Korea after 1970.

US sees record 1m visa request from China

2012-07-13 11:31:01

Obama's initiative to boost tourism has pushed the US government to process a record 1 million visa applications from China so far during fiscal 2012.

US visa applications processed in China up 43%

2012-07-13 07:00:23

The US has processed more than 1 million visa applications in China to date in fiscal year 2012, almost up 43 percent.

US reacts warmly to Shenzhou-9 launch

2012-07-10 04:50:29

China's rapid advancement in space exploration has piqued American interest.

Clinton's criticism of China 'unacceptable'

2012-07-07 20:03:50

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's criticism of China at the latest Friends of Syria meeting is "unacceptable."