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THE WEEK Nov 29: Thank you, stupid!

Updated: 2013-11-29 15:02
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

Thanksgiving traditions

Americans celebrated Thanksgiving on Nov 28. They're basically honoring an English explorer who came to the continent we now call North America and violently stole the native people's land by sitting around a table and stuffing themselves full of food. Turkey is the most traditional food eat on this day, and it's customary to eat until you're nearly ready to burst. By the end of the meal, it's nearly impossible to walk your drunken, full belly to the kitchen for a cup of coffee to enjoy while watching football, so you should be happy if you make it to the couch to watch the game. Whatever you do, don't go to the bar and watch the traditional Thanksgiving football game. Your couch is the safest place.

Sports fan behaving badly

Poorly behaving sports fans made international news when a Buffalo Bills enthusiast made a terrible decision to attempt to slide down a hand railing in the upper level of the stadium. He fell and ended up hurting a person below him. But that guy's week wasn't over. First he got fired from his job, and now he is facing jail time. Let us give you some advice: You don't need to be stupid drunk to enjoy a sporting event. Need some evidence? Check out this video from a New York Knicks game!

Playstation 4 gets pornographic

Sony's newest gaming console, PS4, hit the shelves this week. The system is ripe with new features, including a built-in camera that gamers can use to broadcast video of themselves enjoying the games in their living room. Unsurprisingly, some perverts are using the camera to stream videos of themselves engaging in sexual activities. But PS4 isn't the first system to get naughty. A major porn website from the US had its content supported on Microsoft's Xbox One. What happened to the days when the worst that could happen with a gaming system was not knowing how to use it.

This wacky world!

Coca-Cola Company has suspended its advertising budget and will instead use the money to help victims of the recent typhoon in the Philippines.

Pop star Katy Perry is being labeled a racist, because she wore a Japanese-inspired costume during a recent performance.

Famed Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan admitted to having helped a former Israeli spy agency develop the country's nuclear program.

A website called Assassination Market is allowing Internet users to anonymously contribute a currency called Bitcoins to encourage others to kill a specific person.