Russian, British security agencies resume co-op

Updated: 2013-11-08 19:18


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MOSCOW - Russia's Federal Security Service resumes its cooperation with British colleagues with a goal to ensure security of the Sochi Olympics.

The two sides agreed to exchange information for safe preparations and holding the 2014 Winter Games, Interfax news agency reported Friday, citing an official from the Federal Security Service.

On Thursday, John Sawers, head of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as Military Intelligence Section 6 (MI6), confirmed the resuming cooperation over security with Russian side.

"Actually recently we have started talking to the Russians about security for the Sochi Olympics and that is a dialogue which is going ahead," he told the British parliament.

The 22nd Winter Olympic Games, the first time to be held in Russia, are slated for Feb 7-23 in the North Caucasus city of Sochi.

Russian authorities vowed to safeguard the games in an "unnoticeable" way that does not hinder the enjoyment of the spectators.