Li appoints advisers to key govt think tank

Updated: 2013-11-09 00:29

By Li Xiaokun and An Baijie (China Daily)

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Premier Li Keqiang on Friday issued letters of appointment to new members of a key government advisory body, including former World Bank chief economist Justin Yifu Lin.

Observers said the move reflects a commitment by the Chinese leadership to pursue a scientific and democratic approach to policymaking as the nation's reform efforts move forward.

"I hope everyone can go deep in thought, research extensively and reflect the truth, so that government decisions can better respond to the state of the country and people's opinions, match the need for current and long-term development and follow the call of history," Li said at the ceremony held at Zhongnanhai, the central government complex.

Li appointed six members to the Counselors' Office of the State Council and six to the Central Research Institute of Culture and History. The two organizations operate under one roof.

Besides Lin, the list of appointees to the Counselor's Office includes Du Ying, deputy head of the National Development and Reform Commission and a senior expert on rural development.

The Counselors' Office, comprising dozens of senior experts in various specialties, is one of the core think tanks of the central government. Its suggestions can go directly to decision-makers.

Li asked the newcomers to fully play out their unique roles in the country's efforts for "scientific and democratic policymaking".

He also encouraged them to carry out research and investigation on "major problems in the nation's reform and development" and go deep to the grassroots to get inspiration from people's experience and initiative.

"That will help you make feasible proposals that stand the tests," he said.

The premier emphasized that China needs to learn from the advanced experiences of other countries.

Chen Bingcai, deputy director of the Department of Policymaking Consultation under the Chinese Academy of Governance, said the list of new counselors reflects the importance the government attaches to advisers' global views and rich experience.

"Both Lin and Du are famous economic experts. And Lin can also provide precious ideas from a global angle," Chen said.

Li on Friday described the role of the two organizations as "a creation to apply the theory of the united front in the nation's political power building".

According to previous reports, a large number of experts in the Counselor's Office are not Party members.

Li said: "The letters of appointment are not large, but they are heavy with all the duties and expectations they carry. I believe you can well carry the burden."

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