Across America Over the Week (Dec 12- Dec 18)

Updated: 2014-12-19 13:02

(China Daily USA)


Across America Over the Week (Dec 12- Dec 18)



A launch party (left) for China Daily Canada was held in Richmond, BC, Dec 12. Some 60 political leaders, dignitaries and other prominent people attended. Taking part in the ribbon-cutting were, from left: Chong Hua, deputy general manager of China Daily’s Vancouver office; James Wang, city councilor of Burnaby; Raymond Louie, city councilor of Vancouver; Liu Fei, consul general of China, Vancouver; Larry Lee, CEO of China Daily Holding; Johason Chow, Chinese Culture University founder in Vancouver; Bill McNulty, city councilor of Richmond; Richard Lee, BC Provincial Councilor; and Jan Walls, president, Canadian Society for Asian Arts. ANDREW ZHANG / FOR China Daily


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