Guizhou welcomes investors

Updated: 2013-03-03 10:54

By Jin Zhu (China Daily)

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Development of economic zone to become new engine for growth

Guizhou wants to encourage investors to help it realize an ambitious vision of building a wholesome well-to-do society by 2020.

A total of 506 private enterprises from across the country had already invested in the Southwestern Chinese province in high-efficiency agriculture, tourist attractions, and the construction of new rural communities, according to its governor, Chen Min'er on Saturday.

Announcing the details in Beijing, Chen said the projects involved a total investment of 1.7 trillion yuan ($273 billion).

Although Guizhou is eager to attract funds for its economic development, the province faces a challenge from nature - 62 percent of the poverty-stricken province is barren karst landscapes.

Analysts have voiced concern that if economic development is not handled properly, it may have a negative impact to local ecology.

In response, Chen said Guizhou is learning from the experience of more economically advanced provinces and regions with similar typography.

"Taking a leaf from their experience, Guizhou's provincial government realizes that future industrial development should always keep in mind the need to save resources and protect the environment," he said.

In 2012. the State Council announced further promotion of sound but rapid economic and social development in Guizhou province in a document which outlined a series of favorable policies that will let the province protect its ecology, strengthen industrialization and urbanization, and accelerate its economic development.

The document is seen as a move to speed up development so Guizhou catches up with the more economically advanced provinces and regions in the country.

Statistics from the provincial government showed that private companies in Guizhou generated an added value of 270 billion yuan last year, about 40 percent of the province's GDP. The total number of private enterprises registered in the province reached 144,000 last year, compared to 78,000 in 2011, it said.

Investment from private enterprises covered several sectors including transportation, water conservancy projects, finance, tourism, and affordable housing.

The development of the Guiyang-Anshun economic zone in Guizhou's relatively less mountainous center will become a new engine for the province's future economic growth and social development, Chen said.

Zhao Kezhi, chairman of the Standing Committee of the Guizhou Provincial People's Congress, said on Saturday in Beijing that the province would give its full support to entrepreneurs in promoting local economic and social development.


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