China plans 30 overseas nuclear power units by 2030

Updated: 2016-03-01 22:21


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BEIJING -- China aims to build 30 nuclear power units in countries involved with the Belt and Road Initiative by 2030, Sun Qin, president of China National Nuclear Corp. (CNNC), said Tuesday.

The CNNC has reached bilateral agreements on nuclear energy cooperation with countries including Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Britain, France and Jordan, Sun said.

More than 70 countries are now planning or are already developing their own nuclear power projects, and it is estimated 130 more nuclear power units will have been built by 2020, Sun said.

The CNNC is willing to cooperate with countries throughout the whole nuclear power industry chain. It will actively promote localization of the technology and strive to establish an integrated industrial system for countries involved with the Belt and Road Initiative, Sun said.

Currently China has 30 nuclear power generating units with a capacity of 28 million gw and another 24 units are under construction, all of which are on land.