An accident waiting to happen

2014-04-17 08:15:40

The recent collapse of an apartment block in eastern China has highlighted a problem that could have fatal consequences for owners of buildings erected in the 1980s and '90s.

Surge in demand for China

2014-04-16 08:30:18

Rewina Berhe admits that when he left his family in Ethiopia to study in China in 2009, he knew nothing about the country.

Mid-life diseases up in China

2014-04-15 08:33:18

Serious ailments, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer, kill 10,000 people in China each day, and the age at which the conditions strike is dropping.

Enemies share eternity together

2014-04-14 08:20:42

Burial site in Jiangsu province holds the bodies of 73 Chinese and 13 Japanese soldiers killed in 1942, the only known cemetary of its kind in China.

Expats flee big, smoggy cities

2014-04-11 07:17:04

As pollution lowers quality of life for many foreigners, smaller or coastal cities are becoming a magnet thanks to a good environment, reports Zhang Yuchen

Life after an only child dies

2014-04-10 07:17:31

Project explores ways to provide care and support for parents whose child has predeceased them.

Answering the call to prayer

2014-04-04 07:26:28

White Crane dance takes flight

2014-04-03 08:18:37

Every year during spring and autumn, Huanzidong welcomes about 3,000 rare birds, staying for 90 to 100 days.

Groups urge recognition of war crime

2014-04-01 07:20:04

The elderly protesters held their placards in silence but their message came across loud and clear: A call for justice for "comfort women", a euphemism for those who suffered brutal sexual abuse by the Japanese Imperial Armed Forces during World War II.