China's daredevils to stars

2012-01-11 15:56:52

Stunt performers often risk life and limb undertaking dangerous acts to give movies greater visual impact.

Foreign investors shy from buying

2012-01-11 07:27:48

Lure of real estate fades as overseas capital seeks better bargains, Hu Yuanyuan reports from Beijing.

Debutante ball bounces back

2012-01-10 07:29:20

Glamour event steeped in tradition makes a glittering return to life.

Pandas may find traveling hard to bear

2012-01-09 08:22:11

Greater global role has its burdens for our ambassadors of goodwill.

A town that wants people to drink to its success

2012-01-06 07:24:43

Beverage with global reputation puts Moutai on the map, Qiu Bo reports from Guizhou province.

A year of achievement tempered by accidents

2012-01-05 08:49:16

These are a handful of the stories China Daily brought to you last year. Today, Cover Story revisits some of the main characters.

Diesel shortage fuels discontent

2012-01-04 07:34:07

Lack of supplies drives transport operators to frustration, Tang Yue reports from Hunan province.

Hunters try to capture their past

2011-12-30 09:02:49

Oroqen ethnic group in race against time to safeguard traditions.

Organic labeling can be food for thought

2011-12-29 09:56:44

In China, not only is the term "organic" being abused, but the part it can play in promoting food security has also been overestimated.

Organic labeling can be food for thought

2011-12-29 07:50:23

Recipe for confusion as status is hard to define and controversial.

Asian hoteliers see room to grow stronger

2011-12-28 09:29:05

Asian hotel chains are spreading their wings and, slowly but steadily, expanding globally.

Patients may be their own best blood donors

2011-12-27 09:53:56

High costs and poor publicity hinder autotransfusion which is a safe option from gaining greater popularity in China.