Ancient land sees future in tradition

2012-10-09 07:48:22

Drawing on the past helps people in the Tashi Kuergan in Xinjiang forge a way forward.

Road to nowhere is route to despair

2012-10-08 07:45:19

Traffic jams and overcrowded sites leave many feeling they hit a dead end during the holiday.

Hidden danger hazards big city living

2012-10-07 09:19:05

From sinkholes, to flooding caused by antiquated and underdeveloped drainage systems, to falling glass curtain walls: China's cities have become dangerous places to live.

In TV's golden age, that's entertainment

2012-10-05 09:34:36

Producers have come a long way in making primetime reality shows for Chinese viewers.

Peak season, weak sales

2012-10-04 07:57:12

Real estate developers are lowering their expectations for 'Golden September and Silver October' as fewer homebuyers turn out.

Age of disillusion haunts senior citizens

2012-09-28 08:00:12

Battles with illness, loneliness and post-retirement blues are pushing elderly population into fragile mental health.

Muslim students look to the future

2012-09-27 09:00:44

Islamic centers of learning train a new generation with bachelor's degrees.

A school where leadership is nurtured

2012-09-26 08:18:31

Party education focuses on tradition of service and sacrifice.

Beauty in the eye of the beholder

2012-09-25 07:47:11

Younger consumers increasingly adopt a cute approach to life.

Health tourism a dose of good medicine

2012-09-24 08:02:10

An increasing number of wealthy Chinese are flying overseas, just to seek beautiful faces, clearer eyes...

Focus on business ties

2012-09-21 07:32:22

China and the DPRK explore greater opportunities.

Questioning attitude gives think tanks valuable answers

2012-09-20 08:11:20

Think tanks play a vital role in getting data for government decision-making.