Education through service

2013-03-05 07:01:34

China's new top leaders gain an invaluable asset from firsthand experience of life among the people.

Newcomers get chance to shine

2013-03-04 07:15:53

Deputies attending first congress ready for challenge to live up to people's expectations.

Home is where the heart is

2013-03-01 10:32:14

While many Chinese businesspeople have adopted a foreign nationality to expand trade, most choose to stay in China.

The lessons learned from SARS

2013-02-28 10:48:01

In the decade since the outbreak of SARS, more still needs to be done.

Despair drive many to the final option

2013-02-27 09:20:53

Scourge of depression sees rising number of suicides in China.

Students border on the exceptional

2013-02-26 09:49:12

Obtaining an education in China has become an increasingly popular trend in Myanmar.

Morphine is culturally a tough medicine

2013-02-25 07:02:51

Despite its benefits as a painkiller, drug finds few backers among doctors, reports Zhao Xu in Beijing.

China keen to be part of African dream

2013-02-22 07:41:18

China will play a crucial role as a firm supporter of the continent's renaissance and unification.

Who guards the green guards?

2013-02-21 10:07:16

The system tasked with safeguarding and assessing the possible environmental damage is outmoded and badly in need of reform.

Taking a lead in fight against malaria

2013-02-20 09:22:30

China continues to provide aid in Africa's fight against malaria, a mosquito-borne disease.

Relocation: the move into modernity

2013-02-19 10:53:14

Relocation gives those who worked the land a chance of a new beginning in Ordos city, Inner Mongolia.

Urbanization set to boost growth

2013-02-19 09:38:04

China's urbanization rate had risen to 52.57 percent by the end of 2012 from 51 percent in 2011.