Sidestepping the rush of modern life

2013-09-05 07:54:02

Xiamei village in Fujian province has a rich past, but now it's fading into history.

A county for the ages

2013-09-04 08:28:48

Bama is exceptional among high-latitude areas noted for longevity. The 1964 national census recorded 28 people in the county aged 100 or older.

Choosing a sailor's life

2013-09-03 08:02:24

The PLA navy recruited 20 female Uygurs for the first time in its history. Three of them were deployed on the Peace Ark medical ship.

Tin city explores economic shift

2013-09-02 10:08:38

Mining industry has caused heavy metal pollution and desertification.

Caught in the Web of rumor and innuendo

2013-08-30 08:40:39

A series of arrests of high-profile micro-bloggers has sounded warnings bells for China's Internet commentators.

One-time nomads hang on to traditional celebrations

2013-08-28 07:35:30

Horseback riding, archery and wrestling still attract crowds.

Dire situations of small animals cry out for laws

2013-08-27 07:57:58

Millions of cats and dogs slaughtered every year for food and fur trade.

Universities seek greater enrollment from abroad

2013-08-26 07:39:51

Language barriers, career prospects and teaching facilities dent enthusiasm of int'l students considering studying in China.

Public opposition defuses nuke plans

2013-08-23 08:09:55

Following opposition, a nuclear project in Guangdong had been canceled and it will not reapply for approval to start construction later.

New study reveals corruption pattern

2013-08-22 08:02:01

Many fallen officials had already occupied high-level posts.

Graduates hope to bust graft in China

2013-08-21 07:41:33

More than half of the first students of the so-called anti-corruption master class entered the procuratorate system to fight corruption.

Farmers brew up wealth with native cup of tea

2013-08-20 07:59:22

Local economy benefits from boom in demand for a taste of Dahongpao in Wuyishan, Fujian province.