Social insurance program leaves expats confused

2014-01-24 09:16:58

Lack of efficiency and clarity in social insurance program deter expats' participation.

Find provides grave paws for thought

2014-01-23 09:42:22

The discovery of ancient bones may challenge widely accepted theories about the earliest relationships between felines and humans.

Smog descends on the 'two sessions' agendas

2014-01-22 09:48:17

Few public issues have generated so much discussion, unease, hatred and a general feeling of helplessness as the gray blanket of smog that descended across China last year as the country experienced the worst air pollution in its history.

From TV title to national policy

2014-01-21 09:59:22

Building a "Beautiful China" has become a prime focus and hot topic among decision-makers at the ongoing annual "two sessions".

Two sessions shun extravagance and empty formality

2014-01-20 09:25:37

Organizers across the country have cracked down on extravagance this year. The move didn't come as a surprise, though, because the central leadership has been engaged in fighting undesirable work practices, such as overt formality, bureaucracy, lavish entertainment and extravagance, since it took office late in 2012.

Entertainment: Console ban?

2014-01-17 09:31:23

The national console sales ban fails to extinguish a passion from childhood.

Majoring in anti-money laundering

2014-01-16 09:29:20

During a financial orientation course at Shanghai Finance University, Li Jing raised his hand and asked if there is a way of laundering money "properly".

Traditional skiing lives on as fur flies

2014-01-15 09:27:35

A snowboard protruded from thick snow in a corner of the courtyard outside Sengelite's house in the village of Hemu.

Shangri-la assets lost forever after town blaze

2014-01-14 09:22:57

Irreparable damage to ancient architecture and traditional culture was caused by a fire that raged in an ancient Tibetan town in Yunnan province.

Looking back at a year of mixed blessings

2014-01-13 08:02:32

From unrelenting smog to the end of Laojiao, our reporters reflect on their top stories during the past 12 months.

US police all a-twitter about Weibo

2014-01-10 08:51:31

Authorities in California use social media to engage with tech-savvy generation of Chinese immigrants.

A different class of teaching

2014-01-09 07:20:16

The revival and honoring of an ancient form of debate is bringing change to the classrooms.