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Updated: 2012-03-06 14:28

By Mei Jia (CHina Daily)

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Major works:

Guo Jingming believes the charm of his writing lies in his passion for narration. “My stories are like a drop of dye, once in water, it diffuses and becomes pervasive,” he says. Tiny Times series (2008-2011)

The trilogy started in the same year Guo left Shanghai University (diploma unclaimed).

Guo says the series is about his own transformation, a shift from puppy love and friendship on campus to responsibility to society and family.

In the book, four talented students graduate from university and dissolve into urban vanity. Critical series Guo’s literary cosmic views and ambition is revealed in the Critical series. He constructs a fantasy world called Autin that is divided into four kingdoms that feature the elements of Water, Wind, Earth and Fire.

He plans to write a two-volume series for each kingdom and has completed and published the Water kingdom part.

He says he’s trying to show the profundity of death, freedom and peace, while distinguishing between good and evil, all the while reflecting the real world.

Cry Me a Sad River (2007) The novel focus on the suicide of a pregnant high school girl, and the stories of young people she meets before her death.

Rush to the Dead Summer (2006) It’s about pursuing dreams and high school graduates love in a beautiful small town Qianchuan.

Never-Flowers in Never Dreams (2003) It’s about a teen love triangle in big cities, a tearjerker that was accused of being plagiarized.

City of Fantasy (2003) A fantasy story about murders in the fictional Ice Kingdom.

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