Exclusive interview with Lang Lang and Lars Ulrich

Updated: 2014-03-05 14:16


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Exclusive interview with Lang Lang and Lars Ulrich

Pianist Lang Lang arrives at the 56th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California January 26, 2014.[Photo provided to China Daily]

3. Before the collaboration, when was the first time you heard about each other?

Lang Lang: The first time I heard Metallica was in a car cruising around with a friend in Madrid around ten years ago. Suddenly their heavy metal song came on and I said: "This is a really cool thing."

Lars Ulrich: When Lang Lang came to the US around early 2000, he took America by storm. It was an instant phenomenon.

4. Last year, Metallica made their first ever appearance in China, playing two sold-out shows in Shanghai. Can you recall that experience?

Lars Ulrich: When you get to a country for the first time, there is always potential for the next level to happen. Shanghai has such a rich history, cross-world culture, Asian culture, European culture. It's a great place to hang out, a lot of fun. I really look forward to returning to China as soon as possible.

5. As Grammy Cultural Ambassador to China, what's the plan to bring the Grammy Awards to China?

Lang Lang: The Grammys are focusing significant attention on China, eventually hoping to potentially establish a regional award show similar to the Latin Grammys. We are very close to that goal. It's really great for Chinese musicians and it will bring more exchange programs. We will see more Chinese musicians perform on the Grammy stage.