SinoVision announces Shanghai TV Series Month

Updated: 2014-04-29 12:28

By Jack Freifelder in New York (China Daily USA)

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The US-China relationship has its fair share of differences but there's at least one thing both sides can agree on: the need for good, quality television.

SinoVision, a New York-based Chinese language television network, is hoping to help meet that need with its most recent endeavor, the latest edition of Shanghai TV Series Month.

Shanghai TV Series Month gives US viewers an opportunity to watch some of the popular TV programming available in and around China.

The announcement on Monday of the latest edition of Shanghai's TV Series Month coincided with the rollout of additional programming from SinoVision and its partner, the Shanghai Media Group (SMG).

"Everyone has heard of Shanghai, but today we are bringing our viewers new series," said Philip Chang, president of SinoVision. "The Shanghai Media Group should be thanked for helping out our American viewers to learn more about the great city of Shanghai."

Wang Jianjun, executive vice-president of SMG, said: "SMG and SinoVision have been friends for many years".

"Our collaboration was officially established in 2011, but our collaboration spans over three decades," Wang said. "Over the three years since 2011, a series of collaboratively produced TV shows have been introduced to American audiences. Through the platform of SinoVision, SMG has been able to broadcast strong content to a variety of audiences."

A Fistful of Kung Fu, a new educational martial arts program that explores the ancient art of Taijiquan (tai chi), is set to premiere as part of this month's event. The show probes tai chi's role in a modern society, examining the health benefits that the martial art form has for both psychological and physical well-being.

Two other TV drama series - Four Seasons in My Family and When the Mother-in-Law Arrives - will also be broadcast on SinoVision's Chinese and English language channels.

Zhang Meifang, deputy consul general for the Chinese Consulate General in New York, said collaborative programming like A Fistful of Kung Fu helps "promote and enhance" cultural exchanges.

"This is the 35th anniversary of the establishment of relations between China and the US," Zhang said. "The possibility for tangible results remains, but this is a really solid foundation for the promotion of the major power relationship between China and the US."

Close to 150 people attended the announcement and a reception at SinoVision's office in Midtown Manhattan.

SinoVision is part of the Asian Culture and Media Group (AC & MG), which also owns Sinovision Net, China Press NY, China Press Weekly and the Asian Cultural Center. The AC & MG is one of the leading media service providers to the Chinese community in the New York tri-state area.

Attending the event were members of the SMG, representatives with International Channel Shanghai (ICS), individuals from the office of the Consulate General of China in New York and other guests.

SinoVision, founded in 1990, employs close to 100 employees around the country, and focuses its reporting efforts in New York. The news outlet also has reporters in Boston, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Houston.

SinoVision announces Shanghai TV Series Month

Through its two 24-hour television stations, SinoVision provides news and cultural programming to an audience that spans the majority of the New York metropolitan area and parts of Pennsylvania.

ICS is the only TV channel in China broadcasting in Chinese, English and Japanese. Launched in January 2008, ICS - the foreign-language cable channel of the SMG focuses on enhancing the appreciation and understanding of Shanghai and its culture through a steady diet of Chinese content, including news, language teaching programs and first-run series.

SMG, first established in 2001, is a media conglomerate with a number of holdings in radio, television and print mediums.

SinoVision announces Shanghai TV Series Month

Zhang Meifang (center), deputy consul general of the Chinese Consulate General in New York, Philip Chang (second from left), president of SinoVision and the Asian Culture and Media Group, and Wang Jianjun (third from right), executive vice-president of Shanghai Media Group, attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the start of the Shanghai TV Series Month on Monday in New York. Jack Freifelder / China Daily

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