'Windfall' apple grabbers can't escape justice

Updated: 2015-08-27 07:37

(China Daily USA)

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A TRUCK CARRYING 20 TONS OF APPLES on Monday rolled over on an expressway near Biyang in Central China's Henan province, and a host of local residents plundered the "windfall" until the police showed up and forced them to leave. Three of the residents involved were later detained. Comments:

It is still too early to jump to the conclusion that Biyang residents would grab anything that might fall from a truck. But they did show little mercy to the non-local truck driver by plundering the apples he was transporting. Perhaps they think it is unnecessary to show kindness to a stranger who has nothing to do with their neighborhood. But such a mentality is not in line with the country's ongoing promotion of the rule of law.

Beijing Times, Aug 25

Such theft should not be tolerated, especially against the backdrop of the nationwide implementation of the rule of law. The Biyang police should have responded more quickly to stop locals from stealing the apples, as their "emergency plans" designed to protect citizens' property require. Things would not have spun out of control had there been enough police on hand after the accident.

scol.com.cn, Aug 25

What those apple grabbers in Biyang did already constitutes theft of another's property, which deserves punishment. Hence, local law enforcers should hold accountable all involved in the theft of the apples, instead of resorting to the unspoken rule that the law fails where the violation is by many. In fact, the stricter the law enforcement is, the more likely people will recognize the laws and regulations.

Xi'an Evening News, Aug 25

Indeed, some may think it is all right to take home such "loot", if others are doing it as well. But the lack of due punishment for such open plunder and poor public awareness of the law have resulted in such group misconduct. Looting the fallen apples while the owner was still around is a bold violation of the law and social ethics, and must be properly dealt with in accordance with the law.

Guangzhou Daily, Aug 25

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