A Bite of China

Updated: 2012-05-18 14:21

(China Daily)

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A Bite of China

There are many TV programs on Chinese cuisines, but few are like A Bite of China. The latest seven-part high-definition documentary offers insights into the geographical, historical and cultural dimensions of what Chinese eat.

Filled with mouthwatering images of food ranging from haute cuisine to local delicacies, the docu captures the beautiful and refined process of food-making. The program is sure to attract both food buffs and ordinary audiences.

The bonus is, the show is not only about dishes. Every episode will highlight different people, who will tell stories about their adventures with food.

Liu Wen, director of CCTV-9, says the stories about food also reflect social transformations.

"As the channel serves as a window allowing the world to better understand China, the docu aims to help global audience not only appreciate the beauty of Chinese cuisines, but also learn Chinese customs and social realities," he says.

The documentary premieres on CCTV-1 and will be aired on CCTV-9 on May 23.