Forum trends: China or US: Which offers a better life?

Updated: 2014-06-04 08:05


Editor's note: China's booming economy is attracting more and more expats to live and work in the country. During their stay, they tend to compare their host country with their home country, which may help them learn more about the country and more quickly adapt to the new environment. Michael Murphy, our blogger from the US talks about some differences he perceived between the US and China. How much do you agree or disagree? You're welcome to leave your comments.

1. Crime

Crime is obviously much lower in China than in the USA. I feel much safer here than I do even in my own small hometown in Texas. I see women and young girls who walk down the street late in the evening who are obviously not afraid of being attacked or assaulted here in China. This is VERY important to life wherever you live. China is far better than most countries I've ever visited (and I've visited 26 countries in my life.)

Forum trends: China or US: Which offers a better life?

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