Chips and bytes

Updated: 2012-04-20 08:46

By Liu Lu and Li Yu (China Daily)

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Tang says that 80 percent of the 1,700 technology enterprises in the city's high-tech zone are IT companies, with the proportion of companies founded by returning overseas entrepreneurs steadily growing.

Chips and bytes


According to Chengdu's Five-Year Plan (2011-15), the city intends to become a major information technology industrial base by 2015. To achieve the goal, Chen says Chengdu has to optimize the development mode of its IT industry and to vigorously develop the high-end products and services in the industrial chain.

"It is not the OEMs or the big businesses that will drive Chengdu's IT growth," Chen says. "Efforts should also be made to attract more investment in the new and emerging IT technologies."

But no one doubts Chengdu's ability to attract foreign investment.

"Obviously, the IT industry is an integral part of a city's development. When one company comes and feels they are comfortable and successful in one place, other companies will follow suit, and we have just seen this taking place in Chengdu," says Andy Serwer, managing editor of US-based Fortune magazine.

"You can't imagine 20 years ago what Chengdu's IT industry looked like compared to what it looks like today," Serwer says. "I am looking forward to seeing what Chengdu's IT sector will look like 20 years from now."

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