Chinese firms embrace Olympics

Updated: 2015-09-14 05:00

By JI YE in Rio de Janeiro for China Daily(China Daily Canada)

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Chinese firms embrace Olympics

Rio Olympics mascot Vinicius seen in an official store of the Rio Olympics in the Congonhas Airport, Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Aug 28. The Rio Summer Olympic Games 2016 will take place Aug 5-21, 2016. RAHEL PATRASSO FOR CHINA DAILY

With less than a year to go until the 2016 Rio Olympics, several Olympic test events are getting underway. Though Chinese athletes missed some of the competitions, the volunteers and staff wearing uniforms from Chinese sportswear maker 361° makes Chinese people feel like they’re in China.

It takes at least 25 hours to fly from China to Brazil. Since the Rio Olympics are so far from China geographically, Chinese companies such as 361° and Honav have been pouring into Brazil to explore opportunities and try to “shorten the distance” between Rio and China.

Last October, Chinese sportswear company 361° was chosen as an official supplier to the Rio Olympics and will provide more than 106,500 uniforms for technical staff, volunteers, torch relays and test events.

The categories of the Olympics sponsorships from high to low include worldwide partners, official sponsors and official supporters. Before signing the agreement, Rio 2016 spent a year evaluating the production and sustainability standards of 361°. Production of the Rio Olympics uniforms commenced in 2015 with the launch coming the year of the Games.

“With the responsibility of supplying uniforms to the volunteers and staff, which are extremely important groups for us and for the staging of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, we are confident that 361° will do a great job in our challenge of delivering excellent and memorable games,” said Rio 2016 Organizing Committee President Carlos Nuzman.

Beijing Huajiang Culture Development Co Ltd (known as Honav), the licensee of lapel pins for the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympics, has also been named the licensed manufacturer and vendor for both mascots, as well as the official pins for the Rio Olympics. Olympic souvenirs made by Honav have already been unveiled at the official store in Brazil.

“Famous for the quality of its creative designs, I have every confidence that Honav will continue with their high standards in the run-up to Rio 2016,” said Nuzman.

Other Chinese companies can also be found involved in the run-up to the Games.

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