Cabinet approves science plan

Updated: 2013-01-17 08:11

(China Daily)

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Cabinet approves science plan

The State Council has approved a plan on infrastructure construction for major science and technology projects for the next two decades. According to a statement released on Wednesday after an executive meeting of the State Council, the Medium- and Long-term (2012-30) Plan on Infrastructure Construction at China's Major Science and Technology Projects aims to boost China's innovation capability, support major science and technology breakthroughs and accelerate infrastructure construction for major projects.

Nation to launch 20 spacecraft

China plans to launch 20 spacecraft this year, including the country's third lunar probe Chang'e-3 and manned spacecraft Shenzhou X, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation announced on Wednesday. The country is scheduled to conduct a manned space-docking test between orbiting target module Tiangong-1 and Shenzhou X, the corporation said during an internal work conference.

325 extra flights for Straits commute

The Chinese mainland has approved 325 extra flights across the Taiwan Straits during Spring Festival, official figures revealed on Wednesday. The mainland's civil aviation authority received 340 applications for extra flights from airline companies of both the mainland and Taiwan, said Yang Yi, spokesman for the State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office. It is hoped that extra cross-Straits flights will help Chinese on both sides of the Straits celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year with their families.

Lawyer petitions homeless shelter

A lawyer has demanded information from a homeless shelter in Hunan province after its staff was accused of assaulting an undercover journalist. Beijing lawyer Hao Jinsong said on Tuesday he sent a letter to the Changsha Homeless Shelter, asking for its budget and expenses for 2012 to be made public, along with its procedures, the names of people rescued and if the shelter had housed petitioners intercepted by the government. The shelter said it had not yet received the letter, but it would be dealt with by the shelter's leaders, according to Sanxiang Metropolis Daily.

First blue alert issued for sea ice

The National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center issued the first sea ice blue alert this winter for Liaodong Bay on Wednesday, warning of potential threats to offshore oil drilling, water course safety and fishery industries. The latest satellite images showed the area of ice in Liaodong Bay reached 16,120 sq km on Wednesday, accounting for 53 percent of the bay's total area with the ice up to 40 cm thick. The center predicted the growth of ice in the bay will slow over the next three days.


Tougher measures on births abroad

Stricter measures to prevent local government workers and members of the Communist Party of China from having multiple children abroad have been introduced by authorities in Guangdong province. Workers and CPC members in Guangdong will either be dismissed from their posts or expelled from the Party if found to have broken the family planning policy by having additional children overseas.

Reward for whistle-blowers

Whistle-blowers offering tips about fake or substandard shark fins in Guangdong province will be rewarded 300 yuan ($48) to 300,000 yuan. The reward is part of a month-long campaign launched by the Guangdong government against the production, sale and use of fake and substandard shark fins, according to the provincial food safety commission's statement on Tuesday.

Official dismissed over bribery

A senior Party official from Shanwei city in the eastern part of Guangdong province has been expelled from the Party and dismissed from public office for serious violations of Party discipline. Chen Zengxin, former member of the Party's leadership of Shanwei is suspected of accepting bribes. The province's top anti-graft body has referred the case to judicial authorities.


Police detain bomb threat suspect

Police have detained a suspect who threatened to blow up a Shanghai bank. The suspect entered a branch of Citibank, in the city's Lujiazui financial area, on Wednesday, making threats of having a bomb. The emergency services received a call at around 4 pm. The suspect, who has not been identified, was taken into custody shortly afterwards, police said. Officers found no explosive device on the suspect.

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