A dream gives people vision

Updated: 2013-03-12 07:33

By Wu Jiao, Zhao Shengnan and Hu Haiyan (China Daily)

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As the new leadership calls on the public to realize its China dream, Wu Jiao, Zhao Shengnan and Hu Haiyan speak to national legislators and political advisers to explore their versions.

While she orbited Earth last year, China's first female astronaut Liu Yang believed she was as close as anyone could get to the China dream. As she attended the country's annual national legislative session as a new deputy, Liu recalled her experiences in space.

"After realizing my dream of space flight, people have asked me about my next dream. I know they expect me to say that my next dream is to land on the moon or Mars," she said. "But while that's understandable, it's really not accurate: My ambition is to be a qualified astronaut who serves my country well."

For Liu, the China dream is one in which all Chinese can achieve their personal ambitions.

"I was born in 1978, at the beginning of China's reform and opening-up era. My family's standard of living has improved steadily over the past 30 years and my life's dream and career path have changed constantly; from dreams of becoming a bus conductor to a lawyer, then a pilot and finally an astronaut. All these changes took place as the country developed and grew stronger, said the 35-year-old member of the People's Liberation Army Air Force.

Liu said achieving her dream of space travel was the result of a great deal of hard work by many people. Similarly, the China dream is interconnected with every person in the world's most-populous country.

She exemplifies a unique version of the China dream. Just as every reader has his or her own understanding of Shakespeare's Hamlet, there are many different dreams, but many people share a common dream.

A dream gives people vision 

  Liu Yang, China's first female astronaut, at the ongoing National People's Congress as a newly elected deputy. Wu Zhiyi / China Daily

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