China says not interested in any form of 'Cold War'

Updated: 2016-05-31 06:16


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BEIJING - China on Monday expressed disinterest in any form of cold war and firmly opposed anything that might threaten or harm the country's sovereignty and security.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying made the comments at a daily press briefing, in response to US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter's remarks that China could be erecting "a Great Wall of self-isolation."

Hua said Carter's commencement speech at the US Naval Academy reflected "American-style mentality" and "American-style hegemony."

"Indeed, some people on the American side have physically entered the 21st century while mentally remaining in the Cold War era," Hua said, adding that these people have "made up stories" and "found rivals and enemies everywhere around the world."

Hua said China is not interested in getting involved in "Hollywood movies scripted and directed by someone from the American armed forces."

Hua believed the US side's purpose was simply to deploy more advanced weapons in the Asia-Pacific region.

Stressing China and the United States share wide interests and challenges, Hua said the principles of no conflict or confrontation, win-win cooperation and mutual respect were in the fundamental interests of all and good for peace and development.

Hua called on the United States to work alongside China in a relationship featuring interaction, inclusiveness and cooperation.