Dreams of a flea market

Updated: 2014-06-26 09:43

By Wang Ying (Shanghai Star)

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Dreams of a flea market
Checking out organic choices
Dreams of a flea market
Spring into vintage era
Before she joined DFM, Du was a preschool teacher, and making jewelry in her spare time for fun. But after a visit to a DFM event in June 2012, she decided to have her own booth selling jewelry she designed herself.

Like Du, another convert was Yong Rong, who decided to have her own booth selling vintage hats, jewelry and even perfume bottles she purchased in Europe, only after one trip to the flea market.

Yu Sisi believes it is a virtue to get goods that are no longer of use recycled, and a flea market is where a second-hand item can find new life with another master.

Yu fell in love with the flea market while in The Netherlands doing her master's degree.

"There was one on the way to my university in Amsterdam, and after my then-fiancee took me there for the first time, I became obsessed with it. My dormitory became filled with second-hand goods, such as drapes, a lamp, a chair, frames, mugs, plates."

In the following years, Yu visited as many flea markets as possible on her travels to Los Angles, New York, Paris, Nice, Berlin, and Florence, among others.

Flea markets can be limited according to space, timing and weather conditions.

The one supposed to take place on the sixth-floor roof garden of the K11 Art Mall in April was postponed many times due to rain.

"Our latest plan is to have it on June 28 and 29," Yu says.

But Yu says she may have found a weatherproof platform for her flea market. Online. That way, it can operate day and night, in wind or snow.

For more events and information: www.dreamsfleamarket.com

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